Friday, 12 June 2020


Statues are in the news

Apart from this statue (above), I regard all other statues to be of morally flawed individuals. In fact every single one of the statues in this great city of ours is of a sinner.

If we want to rid our streets of sinners we could get rid of all of them, but, when I see a statue, here's what goes through my mind: somebody thought there was something memorable or worthy about this person to celebrate. What was it? Do I agree? 

Even if I do, I know that the individual will (like myself) be a deeply flawed individual, capable of that peculiarly human mixture of being able to do very good and very bad things.

Let's celebrate the good, and reject the bad. Let's allow our monuments to stand but let's critically evaluate our history and ourselves.

Only of Jesus was it said that he was 'without sin' (Hebrews 4.15). And his challenge, surely relevant in the present climate was, 'let him who is without sin, cast the first stone.'

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