Thursday, 15 October 2020

Getting ready for Remembrance

Today we continued to film for our Bermondsey Community Remembrance Service, with a call to the UK Homes for Heroes day centre in Rotherhithe, to hear from Pearly King and Queen, Jimmy and Michelle, about their charity's amazing work among homeless ex-servicemen. 

Their love and commitment to the people they call their boys is truly amazing and heartwarming. Find out more when the video comes out over the weekend  of 7th/8th November or pop over to their website

Another aspect of the care for military families, this time in the case of bereavement, was the theme of our visit ealier in the week to interview Jon Dyer at FA Albins about their repatriation work for the Ministry of Defence, when members of the British Armed Forces die overseas.

This work which involves great care, tact and compassion will also feature in our Remembrance video special.

Saturday, 10 October 2020

Arise, Sir Tommy

A real Bermondsey hero has today been awarded a knighthood by the Queen. 

Here is the young Tommy Steele signing autographs outside his house in the shadow of St James Church. The houses are long gone but the block of flats in Frean Street that replaces them, Hicks House, bears Tommy's (real) family name. 

Congratulations, Sir Tommy, from everyone in Bermondsey.

Bermondsey Daily Message 161

Thursday, 1 October 2020

Teachers praised

 Good article in Southwark News about last week's events at St James's School. You can read it here