Monday, 14 June 2021

Remembering Grenfell

 On the fourth anniversary of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, St James's bells were tolled 72 times, one for each person who died:


A curacy is a time of firsts. Your first funeral. Your first baptism. Your first wedding. And then, for a Bermondsey curate, your first visit to Manze's and your first pie and mash.... 

A great London tradition - pie and mash, complete with 'liquor' in Manze's famous shop in Tower Bridge Road, Bermondsey.

Friday, 11 June 2021

Come on, England

 The Kirby Estate has become famous for the amazing way they decorate their estate in support of the nation team, now in their best effort ever, a magnificent display of community action, 400 flags, taking three days to put up, proudly show their support for England. 

Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Fast forgiveness

You say something daft or even wicked when you're a teenager and ten years later it comes back to haunt you. You say you're sorry but can you be forgiven? Can the slate ever be wiped clean?

Whether our culture can do that, whether the media can do that, whether the England and Wales Cricket Board can do that for Ollie Robinson, one thing is certain and that is: God's forgiveness is fast, final, and complete - whoever you are and whatever you have done - thanks to the blood of Jesus.
As British culture becomes ever more censorious and unforgiving, the radical transforming power of God's forgiving love shines ever brighter. 
That was the point I was trying to make in our recent Bermondsey Daily Message, 'Don't get cancelled, get forgiven.' Do have a look at it if you haven't seen it:

Church assembly