Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Thy Kingdom Come

Here's a video for this year's Thy Kingdom Come

And here's our programme for Thy Kingdom Come in Bermondsey

Thursday 30th May
7.30pm Launch Prayer & Praise Event at St James

Friday 31st May
8am Morning Prayer at St James

Saturday 1st June
Prayer Walk – Meet at the Blue (by the Lion) at 10am

Sunday 2nd June
6pm Prayer Meeting at St James

Monday 3rd June
Prayer Meeting at St James School, Old Jamaica Rd, 9.15am

Tuesday 4th June
9.30am-10am Morning Prayer at St Anne’s

Wednesday 5th June
8am Morning Prayer at St James

Thursday 6th June
7.30pm Prayer Evening at St Anne’s

Friday 7th June
12 noon Midday Prayer at St James

Saturday 8th June
Prayer Relay (Sign up to pray through the day)

Sunday June 9th
Trafalgar Square Event: Family Fun (12-4); Worship 4-6pm
6pm Woolwich Area Pentecost Service at All Saints Peckham

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Mary's Story

Reverdy Road resident, Mary Ripper (1922-2018), who featured in the TV programme about Reverdy Road on the TV series 'Secret of our Streets' (view it here), wrote the story of her life in a book, I Do It For Love: the Life of Mary Ripper, a Bermondsey Girl which, thanks to her family, readers of BermondseyVicar can now download from our church website for a fascinating insight into the history of a Bermondsey family.

Click on this link to download Mary's book

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Life Explored

Life Explored is our new Wednesday night course at St James and St Anne's. Last night was our second session of these seven week course.

Life Explored 'helps people uncover what they are really living for, and shows how, in Christ, God meets our deepest desire for happiness.'

After the meal, there is an introductory video - a kind of discussion starter or appetite whetter - followed by buzz groups reacting to the video. Then a bible reading introduces the longer, teaching video, followed by breaking into small groups to look at detail at the second bible reading for the evening.

Last night's theme was the 'The Trustworthy God.' The first bible reading and teaching video was about Adam & Eve and the fall, and the main discussion group was based on Romans 1.18-25, and the effects of mankind's rebellion against God.

The introductory video, Hotel, told a story without words that was picked up in the second video. See what you think - and why not join us for week 3?

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Easter Egg Competition

Here are the winners of our Easter Egg Competition for St James's School. First, Key Stage Two:

Then here are some of the winning entries from the younger children: