Tuesday, 8 October 2019

School Harvest Thanksgiving

St James's School came to the church yesterday for their Harvest Thanksgiving Service, bringing gifts for the Manna Centre at London Bridge in its work with homeless people.

We sang a great selection of harvest songs (We plough the fields and scatter; Autumn days; I love the sun and I've seen the golden sunshine) and I spoke from Matthew 14 about the day when Jesus walked on the water and showed that he was in charge of everything.

In introduced the children to one of the Lord's nost remarkable creatures - the Jesus Christ Lizard, so called because it can walk (or at least, run) on water:

The lizard achieves its feat by being very light, running very fast, and by having curiously shaped feet.

When Jesus walked on the water - and when at Jesus's command, Peter did so to - God-in-the-flesh was demonstrating his Lordship and mastery over everything he had created.

He created all things and all things operate at his command. He is the Lord of the harvest and the Lord of everything.

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