Tuesday, 10 May 2022

The boots return

When St Crispin's Church in Southwark Park Road closed for worship, St Crispin's boots were brought to the Diocesan offices and placed on the top of a cupboard where they have stayed ever since, until last week when they came back to Bermondsey and will now be displayed in St James Church (whose parish now includes the St Crispin's area)
St Crispin is the patron saint of cobblers, tanners, and leatherworkers, and with Bermondsey such a centre historically of the leatherworking industry, the dedication of the Southwark Road Church was quite apt .
The pictures show the boots, suspended from the ceiling, being admired by local children during the St Crispin's Day celebrations at St Crispin's in October 1956, and in 2022 with St James churchwarden, Pat O'Connor, in St James.
Welcome back to St Crispin's boots.


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