Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Day of reflection

Today, the anniversary of the first national lockdown, us being observed as a national Day of Reflection to commemorate those who have died of Covid-19, to remember all who have suffered, and to give thanks for all who have worked to alleviate the terible effects of this disease.

Here  are some prayers for the day produced by Church Society:

For those grieving in isolation for the death of loved ones
Gracious Heavenly Father,
who knows our grief is the price we pay for love:
give gospel comfort and consolation
to those who feel the pain of bereavement
and the anguish of separation at this time of global crisis;
and reminded as we are of the fleeting frailty of this life,
teach each one of us to number our days aright,
that we may gain a heart of wisdom.
For we ask in the name of your Son,
who was cut off from the land of the living
to rescue us from the present evil age,

For those dying alone during this time
Sovereign Lord, our rock and our salvation,
who has promised never to leave or forsake those who put their trust in you:
hear the feeble sighs and groaning
of those now fighting their final battle without their loved ones by their side;
by your Spirit, grant them grace and strength to endure what they must,
and having put their faith in Christ,
may their eyes see at last the Redeemer
for whom our hearts have always yearned,
so that along with all those who love the Lord Jesus with an undying love, they may receive the crown of righteousness from him
on the day we meet again,

For those diagnosed with COVID-19
Lord Jesus,
who offered up prayers and petitions with fervent cries and tears
to the one who could save him from death,
and was heard because of his reverent submission:
have mercy on ____________(insert names)
(and) all those who live in the shadow of this terrible virus,
that they may have strength for the struggle and hope for the future;
And in the midst of the heat and urgency of their condition
grant their thirsty souls true repentance for their sins,
that they may know forgiveness and eternal life in you,

Collect for the present time
Heavenly Father,
our ever-present help in trouble,
our fortress and our God:
calm the anxious fears of all who turn to you;
give strength and healing to those who are sick,
and courage and skill to those who care for them;
grant wisdom and clarity to those in authority;
and humble us all to call upon you
that we may be saved not only in this life,
but also for that which is to come,
through Jesus Christ our Lord,

23rd March is also the anniversary of our first Bermondsey Daily Message. Since then there have been a further 230 BDMs, but here is the first one:

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