Thursday, 5 March 2020

Farewell to Angel

Today we laid Angel to rest, as a large congregation gathered at the cemetery from her family, from St James School, and from the healthcare organisations which had cared for.

We heard some of her favourite pieces of music and sung one of her favourite songs, 'He's got the whole world in his hands.'

Her stepfather spoke movingly of the special girl who won your heart when you met her, and of the deep Christian faith that has sustained him and her.

Mrs Willis, our headteacher, spoke of all that Angel had contributed to the school and enjoyed in school

Her family asked for Revelation 21.1-6 to be read with its wonderful words about the day when death, mourning crying and pain have been abolished, and when the Lord will wipe away every tear from his people's eyes.

In my sermon I said (1) We mustn't measure her life by its length but by its depth, its joy and its love; (2)We mustn't forget that Angel is with Jesus, in his safe keeping forvever: (3) We mustn't forget the end of the story - the new heaven and new earth, the day when the Lord makes everything new and wipes the tears from our eyes: (4) We mustn't forget that the Living Lord Jesus speaks to us and invites us 'to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life.' (Revelation 1.6).

In her last days Angel told her step father she was ready to go home. Now she is in the Father's house - forever.

I left thankful for Angel's life, thankful for her faith and thankful for the promises of the Gospel - and  so thankful for all the loving care of the staff of St James's school that made school such a happy place for Angel to be.

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