Monday, 24 June 2019

Estates evangelism

To Bishopthorpe Palace, the home of the Archbishop of York, for a meeting of 'Diocesan Focal Leads' for estates evangelism.

Following the General Synod motion on evangelism on local authority estates, each Diocese with a high proportion of estates was asked to nominate a 'Focal Lead' to advocate for estates evangelism in the diocese.

I have been asked to do this for Southwark diocese by Bishop Christopher and so I joined with other focal leads from across the country for this day conference in York.

The Church of England has set itself the target of a living Christian community on every social housing estate in the country. Its a huge challenge but a wonderful goal.

Today we heard some inspiring stories of estates evangelism up and down the country, giving much food for thought.

A print out was produced for each Diocese of every parish with 500 or more units of social housing. In Southwark that comes to 193 parishes. To quote Jesus, the harvest is large, we need to pray for labourers in the harvest field - and a new passion to take the Gospel to what are often overlooked and neglected communities.

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