Thursday, 7 February 2019

Pharaoh, watch out!

Our new Wednesday evening course, Moses: This Is Your Life,  for St James and St Anne's got off to a great start last night.

We started with a delicious chicken curry cooked by Jacob, and then we got stuck into the first episode in the story of Moses from Exodus chapter one, looking at how a place of refuge became a prison, how a midwife became a secret agent, and how death came to the Nile.

The people of Israel were flourishing in the land of Egypt, but the were doing just a bit too well, and they were starting to alarm the king who was becoming fearful of their numbers, their power and influence.

He sets out on a horrible genocidal plan to kill all the new born Hebrews boys. He is initially outsmarted by two  wily and God-fearing midwives, but that only leads him to step up the pressure all the more.

Tables laid, ready for everyone to arrive

What the Hebrews are going to need is a saviour - and that's where this story is going...

Last night in our discussion groups we asked people this question at the end: 'If you could say something to the King of Egypt, what would you say?'

There were some great answers: 'let my people go;' 'never underestimate a woman' (a reference to the heroic midwives);' 'watch out;' 'don't mess with God;' and, my favourite: 'you'll be sorry.'

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