Saturday, 4 February 2017

Finding the treasure

It was a boyhood dream that became reality, when David Heath-Whyte became an airline pilot for British Airways.

Fast forward five years, and like the fishermen who were called to leave behind their nets and work for Jesus, David heeded God's call to full time service in the Church of England.

In our latest Men's Breakfast at St James, David, currently Rector of Morden, told us how a boyhood fascination with planes, led to flying gliders with the Scouts, and that led in turn to training for BA as a pilot.

In between he went to University and made an amazing discovery. Referring to Jesus parable about the treasure in the field David told us about something that was infinitely valuable: the precious truth that Jesus had died for him, and had done everything necessary to make him acceptable to God.

When he left BA, it was about working full time telling people where they could find the amazing treasure of God's love.

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