Wednesday, 22 February 2017

After care

It was twenty eight years ago that I left my theological college, Oak Hill (right), in north, London, but my tutor, Mary Abbott, has written to me every year since then.

How's that for after care?

She was also present at my ordination, and at my licensing service when I became the vicar of St Helier, after having been a curate in West Norwood.

She was one of the first women to be ordained deacon (and later priest) in the Church of England, and my younger daughter was the very first baby she baptised - at a family service in the college dining room (the college chapel wasn't big enough to accommodate all the families as well as the students).

On a day off last week we visited Mary (left)  in St Albans and she was just the same!

Enthusiastic for God's work, still involved in ministry, still taking a deep interest in all her former students and their families.

In my last year at college I was the student rep on the Board of Studies. We used to hear from the students' feedback forms.

One simply said 'Mary Abbott is a fantastic pastor.' Never was a truer word spoken.

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