Thursday, 24 March 2016

Lord, the light of your love

Twenty-nine children at St James's School applied to join the Junior Faith Committee and carefully completed application forms saying why they wanted to join the committee and what they would bring to it.

Today the members of the new JFC planned and led our Maundy Thursday Service in church for the whole school.

It was one of our best ever.

We started off with a Palm Sunday procession (above) and after singing 'Hosanna, Hosanna' we moved on to the events of Maundy Thursday itself.

Members of the JFC took the place of the disciples at the table for the Last Supper (above) and I explained how Jesus took bread and wine and gave it to the disciples telling them to do this in remembrance of him.

Maundy Thursday was also the day when Jesus took the place of a servant and washed his disciples, feet, so Mr Oliver, representing the school, and Paul, representing the church, washed the feet of four of the children.

Then we sang 'Lord of the Dance', the JFC led the prayers, and we rounded off a memorable service singing at full voice 'Lord, the light of your love was shining.'

It was a great start to our school Easter celebrations which continue next Friday with the end of term service, also planned by the JFC, with a resurrection theme - and the announcement of the results of the great St James Easter Egg Decoration Competition which was launched today (right).

Watch this space

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