Thursday, 8 October 2015

Return of the joy slide?

From 1931 a clip from a film about the activities of Bermondsey Borough Council, shown tonight at a meeting of the Friends of St James's Churchyard.

The clip shows the famous 'Joy Slide' which enthralled generations of Bermondsey children.

The big question at tonight's Friends meeting was: can the Joy Slide come back in a new form, perhaps via a national competition to design an innovative children's slide for the 21st century to be sited in our Grade 2* listed churchyard?

St James was the subject of a national competition once before. That was the one held in the 1840s to
design the picture of the Ascension that adorns the East wall of the church.

It was won (against stiff competition from the leading painters of the day) by a completely unknown artist. Perhaps history might repeat itself with the joy slide.

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