Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Engaging with brokenness

To the annual Evangelists Conference at All Souls, Langham Place, in the shadow of the BBC.

This year's conference, held in London and Manchester, had a special focus on ministering to the tougher areas of our large cities.

In addition to a superb keynote address from the main speaker, there were seminars on  debt, homelessness, addiction, eating disorders, crisis pregnancy and single parent families, followed by a sample sermon from main speaker Steve Casey that he had preached in his own church on a Liverpool Council Estate.

It was an excellent day, brilliantly organised. Here's how the day was described online:

'The good news of the gospel is for everyone—not just those who have their lives “together”. In fact, the gospel meets us, and promises hope to us, in the very hour of our deepest need.

We are delighted to welcome Steve Casey (right)  and a large team of specialist seminar speakers to stimulate our thinking about how to reach out with the Gospel to our broken world. Steve’s experience of working on a tough housing estate, and his involvement in Christian Counselling UK will help navigate us through the opportunities, and avoid the pitfalls we see on every side. Join us for what promises to be a challenging and enlightening day.

Steve casey is a full-time pastor at Speke Baptist church in Liverpool where he has worked doing outreach with a huge range of people for the last 20 years. Steve works with Biblical Counselling UK and Living Leadership and brings passionate Biblical insight and a wealth of practical experience to this issue.'

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