Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Road safety

I don't think you could accuse them of being over hasty, it's probably taken the best part of two years, but today the new one-way system around Thurland Rd and Old Jamaica Rd came into operation.

There will be teething problems, and no one actually welcomes new traffic restrictions, but the reason for this one is a good one.

It all began when a child from St James's school was hit by a car on their way home from school. Then school governors, councillors, and the traffic planners at Southwark put their heads together. Traffic flows and speeds were measured, Residents were consulted about various options - and today it came into operation.

It makes it a lot safer for children and others to cross the junction with Thurland Rd and Spa Rd, and one-way traffic on Thurland Rd, means that vehicles no longer need to drive on the footway to pass other vehicles, making it much safer for pedestrians, and especially the children and parents.

So, thank you, Southwark Council for making the area just a little bit safer for our children.

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