Friday, 29 June 2018

Proclaiming Jesus

To Westminster Central Hall for the launch of Tom Wright's biography of the Apostle Paul, a book I have just started reading.

Paul, the great enemy of Jesus became the greatest proclaimer of Jesus, and in the process got to write about half of the New Testament.

He was the greatest public intellectual of his day, according to his biographer, bishop, and bible scholar, Tom Wright.

Tonight the author introduced his book, and then Martin Bashir chaired a question and answer session, posing some of his own questions, together with a selection of those that had been submitted by the audience.

It was a great evening and it certainly whetted my appetite to get on with the book, by this great scholar who has spent a lifetime studying the writings of Paul, and who has now turned his attention to writing an account of the apostle's life.

Tom Wright's encyclopedic knowledge of Scripture and the world of the first century I am sure will combine to produce rich insights into the man who Jesus called on the road to Damascus to proclaim his name to the Gentiles.

Meanwhile at Wychcroft, the Diocesan retreat house,  our new curate, Jacob Mercer, has just completed his ordination retreat prior to his ordination tomorrow in Southwark Cathedral

Here, from the Diocesan twitter feed, are the eleven curates-to-be,  pictured with Bishop Christopher. May God bless them richly, tomorrow and throughout their ministries. (Jacob is on the far left in the picture).

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