Monday, 9 October 2017

In Bermondsey, all is safely gathered in.....

St Anne's Hall was the venue for our International-themed Harvest Supper on Saturday.

National costumes, ethnic dishes, and songs and dances from across the globe, contributed to a fascinating and delicious evening.

Here is the Ugandan contingent in full flow, adding their contribution to Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Jamaica, Togo, and many other places:

Following the harvest services in both churches, it was the turn of St James's School to have their Harvest Service in church today.  I spoken on the verse from James 1, 'Every good and perfect gift' is from above, and I had some of the younger children open gifts, symbolising the gifts that God gives us in his creation (the rain, the sun, water, drink, each other).

Then with lots of gifts collected for Manna's work among the homeless, we heard details of the children who had been appointed to the Junior Faith Committee (to work with the governors' faith committee overseeing RE and collective worship), and to the Junior Leadership Team who represent children's views in the school. Well done to all of them.

Junior Faith Group members
Our team of head boys and girls who helped in today's service

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