Saturday, 12 November 2016

When the bishop came to breakfast

 Our very own bishop in Bermondsey was the latest speaker at our men's breakfast this morning. St James member, and Mission Theologian in the Anglican Communion, Graham Kings told his story of faith. 

As a young student Graham had no thought of God. He knew about God but he didn't know him. In fact he didn't know you could know him, but the first person he got to know at university was a Christian.  

Intrigued by his friend's faith, Graham started reading the Bible. He was struck by the person of Jesus and by the way he saw the life of Jesus reflected in his friend's life.

A few months later he was in church and the vicar said you could say a prayer and ask Jesus into your life, and he would come in and live in you by his Spirit. 
That was a revolutionary thought to the young Graham, but he prayed the prayer. Jesus did come into his life, and his life changed from that very day.

In the same week he met a girl called Ali and he joined a missionary prayer group. That began two more lifelong relationships: with Ali who became his wife, and with overseas mission, which has remained a passion to this very day, as we travels the world on behalf of the Archbishop of Canterbury, encouraging the work of mission.

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