Thursday, 6 October 2016

Faith pictures

Faith Pictures is a new course from Church Army which we are using at St James and St Anne's.

It is designed to help church members talk naturally about faith with their friends. Its billed as 'a fresh way to talk about things that matter.'

Faith Pictures got off to a great start at St James last night, beginning with a meal of bangers and mash, as we started to think about what subjects we find easier to talk about than others, and what might be some of the obstacles that prevent us from sharing our faith.

The various obstacles were labelled: 'blush (it's too private), hush (I wouldn't know what to say), rush (I'm too busy), push (I don't have the right to force my views on someone), gush (I wouldn't be able to speak intelligently about my faith), mush (my faith is too confused), and crush (I'm scared how people might respond).'

Next week we going to start the process of overcoming these obstacles to naturally share our faith.

In the meantime, here's the introductory video to the course:

Introduction to Faith Pictures (subtitled version) from Church Army on Vimeo.

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