Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Five hundred children in complete silence for two minutes.

It doesn't sound very likely, does it?

But that was exactly what happened at today's Armistice Service for St James's School in St James's Church, between the Last Post and the Reveille. The children behaved beautifully, respectful and attentive, and were a credit to the school during this solemn moment when the whole nation fell silent.

It was a quieter and more formal school service than usual, and some of the younger children were intrigued to see me in my clerical robes. 'Why are you wearing that dress?' asked one of them at the door as they left.

It was good to remember, to give thanks, and to pray for peace in God's world.

The old spiritual, Kum ba Yah, which the children sang softly during the service, seemed very relevant in the circumstances: Lord, come by here, come to us, and to come to your world. Bring your kingdom of justice, peace, and righteouesness.

And all the people - and the whole school - said 'Amen.'

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