Monday, 23 March 2015

Bermondsey UXB

We were in the middle of our Easter schools weeks when three ladies arrived at the church carrying suitcases saying they had been evacuated to St James's by the police, in view of an unexploded bomb  in Grange Walk (left) and a 400m exclusion zone.

Quite a number of other refugees followed, the police arrived with two very elderly ladies ('I'm ninety-six' said one of them proudly), and we deployed the  traditional British remedy at times of crisis: a nice cup of tea.

In due course, everyone was relocated to an emergency reception centre at Seven Islands Leisure Centre in Rotherhithe, Tower Bridge was closed, the traffic ground to a halt, and now Bermondsey waits for news of the 1000lb monster from WW2 unearthed in Grange Walk....

Spa Rd Closed

Salvation Army serving the emergency services - pictures from SE1 website
Army to the rescue -  pictures from SE1 website

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