Monday, 26 January 2015

The Friends get going

The Friends of St James Churchyard had its official launch tonight in St James's Church.

Drawing together members of the local community, the church, and the Council, and following the example of the Friends of Southwark Park, the group has the goal of promoting the good management, maintenance and development of the churchyard.

Tonight we heard of the Parks Department's plans for new planting on the eastern edge of the churchyard (near 'The Greg'), new wildflower meadows on the south side, and the regeneration of the pond, currently underway with the help of  conservation volunteers.

Issues were raised including the Garden of Remembrance, the perennial issue of dog poo, the painting of the gates, the repair of monuments, lighting and the distant prospect of the return of the much missed Bermondsey Joy Slide (below).

In short the Friends have got off to a good start. Coming soon: they are going to: have a tour of the church building, including the hidden areas not usually open to the public; launch a photographic competition; and run a stall at the summer fair.

In the meantime if you have any ideas about the churchyard, or would like to join the Friends, let us know!

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