Friday, 11 July 2014

it's hot up north

Central Hall, York University
The northern heat hits you the minute you get off the train.

Welcome to another sweltering York meeting of General Synod, the CofE's parliament

Each summer we meet at the University of York. Here I was a biology student in the late 70s. The trees have grown a bit and the campus has expanded but its  all still recognisable and I'm one of the few synod members that isn't wandering around lost wondering where exactly their next meeting is located amongst the university's bewildering maze of buildings.

After opening prayers and a hymn, the Synod began at 3pm with a welcome to new members and ecumenical guests. We had a first go at the legislation to  permit women to become bishops. The final approval for this will come on Monday.

Tonight's business finished with question time, an opportunity to ask questions of facts (but not of opinion). Before that was the meeting of EGGS, the evangelical group of General Synod: we had supper together and went through the main items on the agenda over the next few days.

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