Saturday, 28 June 2014

New Rev 'n' Chas 'n' Dave

Fifteen new curates were ordained this morning in Southwark Cathedral, and here are the four from our episcopal area with the Bishop of Woolwich.

The photo was tweeted via the Church of England's hashtag '#newrevs' designed to celebrate the one thousand men and women who are being ordained this summer in the CofE.

First on the left is Jos Downey, the latest addition to our staff team at St James and St Anne's. He comes to us from Ridley Hall, Cambridge where he trained for the ministry. Welcome to Bermondsey, Jos.

It was in fact a good day to arrive in Bermondsey because today was the day of the Bermondsey Carnival in Southwark Park, an event that has taken place every year since 1900.

'I'm Bermondsey and proud' the Pearly King of Bermonsey told us, before Chas 'n' Dave came on the main stage to round  the day off with  a real south London, Cockney-style, knees-up.

Thanks to Southwark Council for sponsoring a great community event and for providing the first item in the induction programme of our freshly-minted BermondseyCurate.

Chas 'n' Dave headline the Bermondsey Carnival

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