Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Training the trainers

For the last few days your blogger has been undergoing training. They've been training me to be a trainer.

Every vicar  receiving a curate (trainee vicars) this July had to attend this week a two-day residential training course at the diocese's retreat house, Wychcroft, set in beautiful country side near Godstone in Surrey.

It was a good time to think about the best way to give curates a really good training experience in their first post after ordination. 

Whilst there it was also good to worship in Wychcroft's beautifully simple chapel (a converted barn), dominated as it is by this striking picture of Christ the Worker which I have always loved.

That linked in very well with tonight's Bermondsey Christian Training, brilliantly led by Nick and Parisa, on the theme of living for God at work.

They made the point that God himself worked. The Wychcroft painting makes the point that Christ himself worked. And the Bible tells us - and Nick and Parisa pointed this out - that everything we do, we can do in the name of the Lord Jesus.

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