Friday, 23 May 2014

Electing the council

This afternoon Southwark Council has been tweeting the results of the council elections as the counts take place. In Riverside Ward turnout was 34%; in South Bermondsey, 37%. You can see the full results here

It's good news for the two existing councillors in the north of our benefice - in Riverside Ward - who were standingfor  re-election. Anood Al-Samerai and Eliza Mann were both re-elected, and are now joined by a new councillor, Hamish Mcallum.

Congratulations to them.

In the south of the benefice, in South Bermondsey, there is a new batch of councillors: Catherine Dale, Sunny Lambe, and Leo Pollack.

Congratulations to them, but commiserations to Graham Neale, Paul Kyriacou, and Michael Bukola who have served the area well for the last four years and who were narrowly defeated this time round.

Let's pray for all our councillors and council as they seek serve the community here in Southwark.

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