Sunday, 6 October 2013

All is safely gathered in

Thanks to Jean and her helpers, St James's was adorned today for our harvest festival with a magnificent display of harvest goods, including some Bermondsey grown wheat.

Added to this was the congregation's gifts of non-perishable foods and toiletries to be distributed to homeless people through the Manna Society at London Bridge, whose director, I have recently discovered, is Bandi Mbube, who was a young member of St Luke's, West Norwood back in the days when I was a curate there.

St Anne's are also giving their gifts to Manna and the gifts brought by the children of St James's School to the harvest service in church on Friday (with Paul speaking for the first time) are being distributed to elderly people locally.

From St James's harvest service it was a short train ride to Earlsfield and Christ Church, Earlsfield where our younger daughter is a member. They meet at Southfields Methodist Church in the afternoon. They're a young church - I suppose I was just about the oldest one there- lots of 20-30 young couples, and singles - a growing number of children. Good songs, meaty sermon, very friendly congregation. Excellent.

After church they all decamp to the Pig & Whistle pub where the landlord offers a half price meal to anyone brandishing a Christ Church, Earlsfield notice sheet. Sounds like a good deal. Perhaps we could do something similar with the Greg?

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