Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Moses: This is Your Life

Following on from last term's very successful Discipleship Explored course, St James and St Anne is running on a new Wednesday night course at St James, based on the life of Moses, starting on Wednesday 6th February at 7pm.

Each evening will include a meal, a talk, and time for discussion in small groups.

Our topic will be the life of one of the Bible's most fascinating characters and how he was used in God's plan of salvation.

To book a place please email the church office. Everyone is most welcome.

Here is the outline for the course:

Moses: This is Your Life

FEB 6:           Suffering in Egypt (Ex 1)

FEB 13:         Early years (Ex 2)

Half Term

FEB 27:         Receiving the call (Ex 3)

MAR 6          Let my people go (Ex 5)

MAR 13        A Plague of plagues (Ex 7-11)

MAR 20        The Passover (Ex 12)

MAR 27        Crossing the Red Sea (Ex 14)

APR 3           The Song of Moses (Ex 15)

Rembrandt's depiction of Moses

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