Thursday, 28 June 2018

Best of times, worst of times

It's been the best of times and the worst of our times for our community here in Bermondsey.

From Southwark News
BBC Breakfast News was live today from Bermondsey's Kirby Estate ('Is this the most patriotic estate in Britain?' they asked).

It was nice to see some St James School children playing in the background, whilst the BCC interviewed the organisers of the magnificent display of flags that adorns the estate, and has attracted publicity round the world.

The organisers pointed out that the 260 England flags are joined by flags from Poland, Brazil, Morocco. 'Why is that?' asked the BBC. 'It's all about bringing the community together' they replied.

I love that vision, and I love the many community minded people and individuals in our community, the very best of Bermondsey

If occurrences like this - or our wonderful baptisms and confirmations on Sunday - are the best of times, then the current spate of knife crime represents the worst of times for us here in Bermondsey.

On Tuesday night it came very close to home with a knife attack on a young man in St James's Churchyard 

Let's pray for the police, let's pray for peace in our community, let's pray 'thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.'

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