Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Whatever you do: vote

My sabbatical is over and normal service will be resumed on this blog. It's been a great time being away, with lots of opportunity for reading, reflection, visiting friends and travels, but now its good to be back, picking up the threads of parish life here in Bermondsey.

If you haven't had a look at it yet, check out my sabbatical blog to find out more about our travels in the US and Germany.

In the very midst of the General Election campaign we have had two terrible terrorist attacks - in Manchester, and just down the road from us here, at London Bridge and Borough Market, with our own Cathedral closed for business, so to speak, inside the security barrier.

These are troubling times and our hearts go out to everyone who is injured, bereaved or traumatised, but they make Thursday, Polling Day, even more significant.

We have something as of right in this country, which millions across the world can only dream of. We get to choose the Government. We have that most precious thing: a vote.

I like what Sir Simon Hughes has said is his letter to the people of the constituency: 'I respect all of my opponents in this election. They are good and decent people. They are my competitors - never my enemies. I am standing in this election to serve our community as I have done for my entire life. 

The one thing I ask of you on Thursday is to vote. It matters less who you vote for than the fact that you do. These murderous terrorists wanted to hurt us and change us. They will never succeed - and by voting we stand with our institutions and our way of life.'

I agree with Simon.

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