Monday, 6 March 2017

Heritage grant

You don't need to be a heritage expert to see that St James's stonework (left) is in need of some tender loving care, but the good news is that help is at hand.

Today we can announce that we have received the offer of funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund's Grants for Places of Worship Scheme.

The first tranche of money - up to £35k - is for the development of the project, but if all goes well in this phase, we could receive altogether something in the region £267k, which with our own funds, will provide for the repair of the stonework in a total scheme costing in the region of £412k, securing the future of the building as a place of worship, a local landmark and a community resource.

The church is much more than a building, but we are grateful for this provision of funds for the building that has been bequeathed to us and which is so valued by our local community here in Bemondsey.


  1. Lucky us a church where the flame of love burn and the current of welcoming flows

  2. Well done, that's a lot of money.
    Any chance of transferring some of that cash over to St Anne's?

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