Thursday, 26 May 2016

After Easter with Riverside & St James

We are in the midst of our Schools Week at St James this week.

15 classes of Key Stage 2 children, drawn from two local schools (Riverside and St James's) are visiting us a class at a time for 'What happened after Easter?'

Last year we looked at the events of Holy Week & Easter. This year we are looking at what followed: the Ascension, Pentecost, the mission of the Church.

At each 'station,' children hear a bit about the story and take part in some kind of craft activity. For the Ascension, they made a crown, to remember that Jesus became the king.

For Pentecost, they made a dove, symbolic of the Holy Spirit.

Paul as Paul
At the third station they meet with the Tentmaker-turned-Apostle, Paul (right), appropriately enough - in a tent - to hear how his life was turned round when he met Jesus.

Our own Paul was the Apostle Paul on this occasion, and for the craft activity the children cut out an outline of their hands on coloured paper, and added it to a collage.

This reminded us that Paul's hands which had been turned to evil matters before he met Christ, became good hands, doing God's work.

All together 450 local children will have participated in this project during the course of the week. Brilliant.


Crown making

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