Sunday, 13 July 2014

Synod day two

Today's business began with a wonderful gospel saturated presidential address by the Archbishop of York. Next up was some quite detailed legislative business on synod membership for theologians at universities and theological colleges.

In the midst of this debate we paused to welcome a bishop from the church in Sudan, a suffering church, the Archbishop of York reminded us. Synod greeted him with prolonged applause and a standing ovation. It was a moving and sobering moment.

 Over lunch I attended a fascinating fringe meeting about funerals and funeral ministry. About a hundred thousand people attend a funeral conducted by a CofE minister every week. The opportunities are enormous.

After lunch American theologan and social activist Jim Wallis addressed the Synod in a scintillating address on the common good. Following group work, there was a debate on the common good and a near unanimous vote. After supper in a private members motion (an idea from a synod member thast has to attract the support of 100 members to get on the agenda) we discussed relaxing the rules on wearing robes in services.

This was about the rules catching up with reality on the ground, especially in new fresh expressions of church. I had a speech ready but didn't get called. Had I been I would have talked about walking through the Blue at funerals where robes are all part of it, and other times when robes are less appropriate for worship in 2014.

It was a good debate and the motion comfortably passed. Well done to Chris Hobbs for bringing it.

The day ended with community singing of nursery rhymes at the General Synod quiz night, the end of a long but productive synodical day.

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