Friday, 18 April 2014

Holy Week in Bermondsey

Holy Week began for us last night on Maundy Thurday when St Mary's, St James, and St Anne's (The Bermondsey Group Ministry) got together for a service of Holy Communion in the context of a meal in St Anne's Hall.

The St Anne's team did us proud with a wonderful meal. It was just like one big family, one person said, which was of course was what Jesus was setting out to achieve.

For Good Friday itself St James and St Anne's started off together with a Family Service at St Anne's with Paul speaking about how the Temple curtain was torn in two at the moment Jesus died.

A large curtain (right) suspended in the chancel, dramatically fell to the ground at the appropriate moment, to applause from the congregation.

Next we walked behind the cross along Southwark Park Rd (above) to the Blue marketplace where we met up with the St Mary's contingent for an open-air service, led by St Mary's Rector, Charlie Moore.

Here Paul demonstrated the truth of the verse 'though your sins be scarlet, they shall be white as snow' with a bowl of water, a bowl of a mystery chemical, and a handkerchief stained with iodine. Clever stuff. It was a good visual talk which kept everyone's attention especially the kids.

Simon Hughes MP was with us and as well as reading the lesson he brought us news from his recent visit to the Christians of the Ukraine. Later at Charlie's request he came back to the microphone to lead us in prayer for that troubled country. 

It was good to be out in the centre of Bermondsey on Good Friday, with our sister churches, sharing the Good News of Christ.

The day wasn't yet over, we then walked behind the cross to St James for lunch together, followed by a Good Friday meditation for the adults led by me and a children's workshop for the kids.

Nearly back at St James

Lunch together

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