Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Back to school

It was back to school for everyone at St James's School today and first up was the Beginning of Term Service in the Church.

We've actually got some plans to learn some new songs this term, but today we started with an old favourite, 'Our God is great big God'.

Penny led the prayers, two new head boys and two new head girls received their badges, Mrs Willis exhorted everyone to work hard and to not miss a single day at school in the coming year, and I spoke about the day the 12-year old Jesus caused his parents a certain amount of grief.

'Where's Jesus?' was his mother's shocked reaction when she realised that they would were one day out of Jerusalem and her son was nowhere to be seen. It took three days to track him down - where they eventually  found him in the Temple.

'Where else would I be, except in my Father's house?' said the lad with a typical teenage disregard for his parents' feelings.

After that, though, he was obedient to his parents, and Luke concludes that episode with that wonderful summary verse which formed the main thrust of my talk: 'Jesus grew in body and wisdom, and in favour towards God and people.'

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